ARCHIVES: Bassendean Town Radio Playlist

Bassendean Town Radio operates with two playlists, a high rotation playlist of about 100 tracks, and the remainder of the library which presently consists of over 3,500+ country tracks. We play alternatively from the high rotation playlist and the library. This means that over the course of a week tracks on our rapid rotation playlist are played approximately 40 times (160 times over a month), while other tracks are played only once a fortnight.

We rotate a minimum of 5 new songs onto the high rotation playlist every week, ensuring a complete changeover of the list over the course of approximately 5 months. Some songs, eg comedy songs, may have a quicker turnover.

Selection for the high rotation playlist requires the song to have broad genre appeal and generally include a combination of new release and older favourites. We also ensure that at least two of Rolf Harris's songs are included.

The following provides a link to past Bassendean Town Radio playlists.

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