Aaron Pritchett Big Wheel Big Wheel 23-May-2009
Alan Jackson Good Time Sissy's Song 18-Apr-2009
Arlon Bennett Summer's Voice Straight A's In Love 29-Mar-2009
Billy Currington Little Bit of Everything Don't 11-Jan-2009
Billy Currington People Are Crazy - Single People Are Crazy 3-May-2009
Blake Shelton Startin Fires I'll Just Hold On 9-May-2009
Blake Shelton Startin Fires She Wouldn't Be Gone 11-Jan-2009
Brad Paisley 5th Gear All I Wanted Was A Car 9-May-2009
Brad Paisley Then - Single Then 5-Apr-2009
Brendan Radford Sweet Maree - Single Sweet Maree 5-Apr-2009
Brooks & Dunn Borderline Redneck Rhythm and Blues 29-Mar-2009
Brother Phelps Anyway the Wind Blows Anyway the Wind Blows 22-Mar-2009
Carrie Underwood Carnival Ride I Told You So 15-Feb-2009
Catherine Britt Too Far Gone The Upside of Being Down 23-May-2009
Cody Elliott Tearin It Up - Single Tearin It Up 25-Jan-2009
Corb Lund Band 5 Dollar Bill Daughter Don't You Marry No Guitar Picker 2-Feb-2009
Crosby Sisters Coming On Strong Take These Chains From My Heart 25-Jan-2009
Danni Carr I Hate Goodbyes - Single I Hate Goodbyes 18-Jan-2009
Darius Rucker It Won't Be Like This For Long - Single It Won't Be Like This For Long 8-Feb-2009
Darius Rucker Learn To Live Alright 9-May-2009
Darryl Worley Sounds Like Life To Me - Single Sounds Like Life To Me 21-Jun-2009
Dierks Bentley Dierks Bentley What Was I Thinking 6-Jun-2009
Dierks Bentley Feel That Fire Sideways 22-Mar-2009
Doc Walker That's All - Single That's All 21-Jun-2009
Dolly Parton Backwoods Barbie Drives Me Crazy 2-Feb-2009
Eli Young Band Jet Black and Jealous Always the Love Songs 22-Mar-2009
Eric Church Sinners Like Me Two Pink Lines 3-May-2009
Felicity Urquhart I Fall - Single I Fall 21-Dec-2008
Felicity Urquhart Two Wheels - Single Two Wheels 17-May-2009
Garth Brooks In Pieces Standing Outside the Fire 15-Mar-2009
Garth Brooks The Hits Papa Loved Mama 31-May-2009
Gary Allan Greatest Hits Smoke Rings in the Dark 15-Feb-2009
Gayle O'Neil Welcome To The Neigbourhood - Single Welcome To The Neighbourhood 1-Dec-2008
George Strait It Just Comes Natural Give It Away 6-Jun-2009
George Strait Living For The Night - Single Living For The Night 21-Jun-2009
Gina Timms It's Time I'll Be Out That Door 22-Feb-2009
Gloriana Gloriana Wild At Heart 9-May-2009
Graeme Connors A Beach House in the Blue Mountains - Single A Beach House in the Blue Mountains 21-Dec-2008
Jack Ingram Big Dreams and High Hopes Barefoot and Crazy 23-May-2009
Jack Ingram That's A Man - Single That's A Man 8-Feb-2009
Jake Owen Don't Think I Can't Love You - Single Don't Think I Can't Love You 8-Feb-2009
Jamey Johnson That Lonesome Song In Color 11-Jan-2009
Jasmine Rae Look It Up Country Singer 23-May-2009
Jasmine Rae Pink Guitar - Single Pink Guitar 1-Mar-2009
Jayne Denham Shake This Town - Single Shake This Town 17-May-2009
Jetty Road Life At A Million Miles Good Times 26-Oct-2008
Jetty Road Life At A Million Miles Million Miles 17-May-2009
Jewel Stronger Woman - Single Stronger Woman 3-May-2009
Jimmy Wayne Do You Believe Me Now I Will 15-Mar-2009
Joey and Rory Cheater Cheater - Single Cheater Cheater 17-May-2009
John Allan New Old Songs - Single New Old Songs 1-Dec-2008
John Rich Shuttin' Detroit Down - Single Shuttin' Detroit Down 1-Mar-2009
Jonah's Road Long Gone - Single Long Gone 6-Jun-2009
Justin Moore Small Town USA Small Town USA 31-May-2009
Keith Urban Kiss A Girl - Single Kiss A Girl 29-Mar-2009
Kellie Pickler Cream of Country - Volume 11 Red High Heels 29-Mar-2009
Kellie Pickler Kellie Pickler Best Days of Your Life 18-Apr-2009
Kenny Chesney Out Last Night - Single Out Last Night 18-Apr-2009
Korey Livy That's the Way We Do It Around Here That's the Way We Do It Around Here 22-Feb-2009
Kristy Schneider A Love Like That - Single A Love Like That 5-Apr-2009
Lady Antebellum Lady Antebellum I Run To You 15-Mar-2009
Lee Ann Womack Call Me Crazy Last Call 11-Jan-2009
Lee Ann Womack Greatest Hits Ashes by Now 5-Apr-2009
Lee Kernaghan Three Chain Road The Outback Club 25-Jan-2009
Lost Trailers Holler Back How 'bout You Don't 18-Apr-2009
Madd Paddy Arrived Jesse James 31-May-2009
Martina McBride Ride - Single Ride 8-Feb-2009
Melinda Schnider Family Tree I Wanna Be Married 18-Jan-2009
Melinda Schnider and Paul Kelly Be Yourself Still Here 18-Jan-2009
Merilyn Steele Extraordinary Daze Information Blues 22-Feb-2009
Miranda Lambert Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 29-Mar-2009
Montgomery Gentry Back When I Knew It All One In Every Crowd 15-Mar-2009
Patty Loveless Sleepless Nights Why Baby Why 4-Jan-2009
Randy Hauser Anything Goes Boots On 9-May-2009
Rascal Flatts Unstoppable Summer Nights 31-May-2009
Reba McEntire Reba Duets Because of You 2-Feb-2009
Reba McEntire Strange - single Strange 31-May-2009
Rick Huckaby Ain't Enough Blacktop - Single Ain't Enough Blacktop 18-Apr-2009
Rodney Atkins It's America - Single It's America 8-Feb-2009
Rolf Harris Definitive Rolf Harris Botany Bay 22-Mar-2009
Rolf Harris Definitive Rolf Harris War Canoe 2-Feb-2009
Ronni Rae Rivers Whole Heart To Give Running on Fumes 22-Feb-2009
Ronnie Rae Rivers Notice Me Its Only Make Believe 18-Jan-2009
Ronnie Rae Rivers Whole Heart To Give Look It Up 4-Jan-2009
Shea Fisher Don't Catch Me - Single Don't Catch Me 1-Mar-2009
Shea Fisher Shea Suitcase 23-May-2009
Sinead Burgess Happy Ever After - Single Happy Ever After 21-Jun-2009
Steve Forde Guns & Guitars Half The Battle 25-Jan-2009
Sugarland Love On The Inside It Happens 15-Mar-2009
Taylor Swift Fearless You Belong With Me 3-May-2009
Terri Clark Greatest Hits 1999-2004 Girls Lie Too 22-Mar-2009
Terri Clark Life Goes On Cowboy Days 1-Mar-2009
The Bushwackers Australian Songbook 2 The Good Old Days 22-Feb-2009
The Distance Grounder Little Cowgirl 15-Feb-2009
The Harmonaters If Love Ain't Crazy - Single If Love Ain't Crazy 6-Jun-2009
The Heartleys No Man's Land - Single No Man's Land 5-Apr-2009
The McClymonts Chaos and Bright Lines Favourite Boyfriend of the Year 31-Aug-2008
The McClymonts Shotgun - Single Shotgun 1-Mar-2009
The Noll Brothers Man on a Mission - Single Man on a Mission 2-Feb-2009
The Noll Brothers Southern Country - Single Southern Country 17-May-2009
The Sunny Cowgirls Dust Will Settle Dancing on the Darling 18-Jan-2009
The Sunny Cowgirls Dust Will Settle Someday 6-Jun-2009
The Wilkinsons When I'm Old - Single When I'm Old 21-Jun-2009
Toby Keith That Don't Make Me A Bad Guy God Love Her 11-Jan-2009
Toby Keith That Don't Make Me A Bad Guy Lost You Anyway 3-May-2009
Trace Adkins Dangerous Man Swing 25-Jan-2009
Trace Adkins X Marry for Money 15-Feb-2009
Troy Cassar-Daley Big Big Love - Single Big Big Love 15-Feb-2009