Adam Harvey Can't Settle For Less Cadilac Tears 16-Dec-2007
Alan Jackson Good Time Country Boy 12-Oct-2008
Alan Jackson Good Time Good Time 23-Apr-2008
Alison Kraus and Robert Plant Raising Sand Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On) 3-Mar-2008
Amos Morris My Imagination - Radio Release My Imagination 13-Jul-2008
Ange Demo Blink 1-Jul-2007
Beccy Cole Feel This Free Just Because She Always Has 24-Aug-2008
Big & Rich Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace Loud 17-Feb-2008
Billy Ray Cyrus Video - Ready Set Don't Go Ready Set Don't Go 16-Mar-2008
Blake Shelton Blake Shelton Austin 20-Jul-2008
Blake Shelton Home - Single Home 6-Apr-2008
Blake Shelton Pure BS This Can't Be Good 28-Oct-2007
Bon Jovi Lost Highway We Got It Going On 21-Sep-2008
Brad Paisley 5th Gear I'm Still A Guy 16-Mar-2008
Brad Paisley Start A Band - Single Start A Band 19-Oct-2008
Brooks & Dunn Cowboy Town God Must Be Busy 16-Mar-2008
Brooks & Dunn Cowboy Town Put A Girl In It 27-Jul-2008
Bucky Covington Bucky Covington It's Good To Be Us 23-Apr-2008
Carlene Carter Strength Break My Little Heart In Two 6-Apr-2008
Carrie Underwood Single - All-American Girl All-American Girl 10-Feb-2008
Carrie Underwood Last Name Carnival Ride 15-Jun-2008
Carrie Underwood Carnival Ride Just A Dream 14-Sep-2008
Chris Krauze No Pain No Gain She's got a Way 2-Dec-2007
Chuck Wicks All I Ever Wanted Stealing Cinderella 22-Jun-2008
Cowboy Crush No-one Ever Died of a Broken Heart - Single No-one Ever Died of a Broken Heart 23-Apr-2008
Cowboy Crush Tougher Than a Man Single - Tougher Than a Man 15-Jun-2008
Darius Rucker Don't Think I Don't Think About It - Single Don't Think I Don't Think About It 14-Sep-2008
Darren Cogan Balancing Act Spirit of the Free 12-Oct-2008
Darryl Worley Cream of Country - Volume 7 Tennessee River Run 5-Oct-2008
David Ball Amigo Riding With Private Malone 29-Jun-2008
Dierks Bentley Modern Day Drifter Lot of Leavin' Left to Do 13-Jul-2008
Dolly Parton Backwoods Barbie Shinola 12-Oct-2008
Garth Brooks The Ultimate Hits Garth Brooks 22-Jun-2008
George Strait I Saw God Today - Single I Saw God Today 6-Apr-2008
George Strait Troubadour Troubadour 14-Sep-2008
Georgia Wonder Girl You Never Knew - Single Girl You Never Knew 31-Aug-2008
Gina Jeffrey Walks of Life You Make My Heart Sing 3-Mar-2008
Greg Crowe Trucker's Songs The Road 14-Sep-2008
Gretchen Wilson All Jacked Up All Jacked Up 23-Apr-2008
Heidi Newfield Johny & June - Single Johny & June 21-Sep-2008
JacDalton Single Dirty Mean and Nasty 9-Mar-2008
James Otto Single Just Got Started Lovin' You 29-Jun-2008
Jason Blaise My First Car - Single My First Car 10-Aug-2008
Jason Michael Carroll Single I Can Sleep When I'm Dead 29-Jun-2008
Jessica Erin Free To Be Me Girl's Night Out 20-Jul-2008
Jessica Simpson Single Come On Over 29-Jun-2008
Jetty Roads Dirt Roads, City Lights City Lights 21-Sep-2008
Joe Diffie Third Rock From The Sun Third Rock From The Sun 24-Aug-2008
John Williamson Drink A Little Love - Radio Release Drink a Little Love 13-Jul-2008
John Williamson True Blue True Blue 23-Apr-2008
Josh Gracin We Weren't Crazy - Single We Weren't Crazy 22-Jun-2008
Josh Turner Another Try (with Trish Yearwood) Everything is Fine 15-Jun-2008
Josh Turner Single - Firecracker Firecracker 16-Dec-2007
Judy Kanyo Not What I Had In Mind You Wouldn't Lie 9-Mar-2008
Karen Staley Australi'a Favourite Line Dances Vol 4 He Thinks He's James Dean 12-Oct-2008
Keith Anderson I Still Miss You - Single I Still Miss You 27-Jul-2008
Keith Urban Golden Road You Look Good In My Shirt 17-Aug-2008
Kellie Pickler Small Town Girl Thing's That Never Cross A Man's Mind 23-Apr-2008
Kenny Chesney Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven - Single Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven 24-Aug-2008
Kenny Chesney Shiftwork (with George Strait) Just Who I Am - Poets and Pirates 15-Jun-2008
Kenny Chesney I Will Stand She Gets That Way 20-Jul-2008
Kid Rock All Summer Long - Single All Summer Long 14-Sep-2008
Lady Antebellum Lady Antebellum Looking For A Good Time 5-Oct-2008
Lady Antebellum Single Love Don't Live Here 9-Mar-2008
Laura Roppe Girl Like This Mama Needs A Girl's Night Out 17-Aug-2008
Lou Derr and Bootleg Santa Fe Country Girl 10-Aug-2008
Mary Chapin Carpenter Shooting Straight In The Dark Down At The Twist And Shout 17-Aug-2008
Mary Chapin Carpenter Come On, Come On The Bug 23-Apr-2008
Michelle Shocked Arkansas Travellor Secret to a Long Life 20-Jul-2008
Miranda Lambert Crazy Ex-Girlfriend More Like Her 19-Oct-2008
Montgomery Gentry Back When I Knew It All Back When I Knew It All 27-Jul-2008
Montgomery Gentry Back When I Knew It All Roll With Me 21-Sep-2008
Nate Sparks Carry On It Takes A Fire 27-Jul-2008
Nelly Furtado In God's Hands - Radio Release In God's Hands (Featuring Keith Urban) 13-Jul-2008
Patrick Gibson Florida Florida Country Cracker Boy 27-Jan-2008
Paul Kelly Songs From The South From Little Things Big Things Grow 5-Oct-2008
Phil Vassar Love is a Beautiful Thing - Single Love is a Beautiful Thing 22-Jun-2008
Pigram Brothers Jiir Hill 22 23-Apr-2008
Rascal Flatts Still Feels Good Every Day 23-Apr-2008
Reba McEntire Duets Every Other Weekend - with Kenny Chesney 15-Jun-2008
Rednex Sex & Violins Hittin' The Hay 5-Oct-2008
Rodney Atkins If You're Going Through Hell If You're Going Through Hell 27-Jul-2008
Rolf Harris Definitive Rolf Harris Iko Iko 31-Aug-2008
Rolf Harris Definitive Rolf Harris Wild Rover 13-Jul-2008
Ronnie Rae Rivers Single Cowboys Come Home 27-Jan-2008
Sarah Evans Restless Backseat of a Greyhound Bus 5-Oct-2008
Shane Yellowbeard Life Is Calling My Name Life Is Calling My Name 24-Aug-2008
Shania Twain Greatest Hits I Aint No Quitter 19-Oct-2008
Shannon Walker Single - That's Why God Made Me That's Why God Made Me 17-Feb-2008
Shea Fisher Everday Girl Better Place 31-Aug-2008
Solomon Burke Nashville Seems Like You're Gonna Take Me Back 24-Aug-2008
Sophia Jane Wanted Girl Brave Soldier of Australia 20-Jul-2008
Sugarland All I Want To Do - Single All I Want To Do 22-Jun-2008
Tara Oram Chase The Sun Fly Girl 19-Oct-2008
Taylor Swift Love Story - Single Love Story 19-Oct-2008
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift (Australian Release) Picture to Burn 6-Apr-2008
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift (Australian Release) Should've Said No 10-Aug-2008
Terry Clarke Life Goes On Honky Tonk Song 17-Aug-2008
The Judds Talk About Love Blue Nun Café 29-Jun-2008
The Lost Trailers Holler Back - Single Holler Back 21-Sep-2008
The McClymonts Chaos and Bright Lines Favourite Boyfriend of the Year 31-Aug-2008
The McClymonts Chaos and Bright Lines You Were Right 17-Feb-2008
The Road Hammers The Road Hammers Girl on the Billboard 10-Aug-2008
The Road Hammers The Road Hammers I'm A Road Hammer 10-Aug-2008
The Tractors Farmers in a Changing World Linda Lou 23-Apr-2008
Toby Keith With Trash With Money Get Drunk and be Somebody 6-Apr-2008
Trace Adkins Dangerous Man Ladies Love Country Boys 17-Aug-2008
Trace Adkins Greatest Hits Vol 2 - American Man You're Gonna Miss This 16-Mar-2008
Yothu Yindi Tribal Voice Treaty 12-Oct-2008