Bassendean Town Radio. net


Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Aims

  1. Serve as a channel for the communication and dissemination of information relevant to both the community's and the individual's needs and desires.

  2. Produce local news programs and programs of comment on local issues and events which allow participation by representatives of all points of view. Whilst the station's focus is local, its aim is to maintain a clear perspective, and position its coverage objectively and honestly, balanced against the wider backdrop of world events.

  3. To nurture and provide an outlet for the creative talents of the community.

  4. Identify and attempt to meet community needs and interests that are not adequately covered by existing media.

  5. To provide training and the opportunity to broadcast to groups traditionally marginalised by mainstream media.

  6. Promote and present a diversity of quality musical and cultural entertainment.

  7. Provide for a variety in programming so that everyone finds something of interest at some time.

  8. To provide a forum for discussion about what community means today.

  9. Liaise with bodies having similar aims.